Panasonic's Sonic Vibration Technology Ensures Optimum Oral Hygiene


Effective daily dental care is essential to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.  Teeth that are brushed regularly, however, may still be at risk, as it is very easy to brush with the wrong technique, with too much pressure, or for too short a time period.  That's why Panasonic has developed toothbrushes with innovative sonic vibration technology.  

 Sonic Vibration.png

The Panasonic EW-1031 Sonic Rechargeable Toothbrush provides 26,000 vibrations per minute, effectively removing plaque and debris, while exerting less pressure on gums, to protect you from irritation and damage to your teeth.

Sonic Vibration 2.png

The Panasonic EW-DS11 Pocket Sized Sonic Vibrating Toothbrush provides sonic vibrations that create some 16,000 brush strokes per minute.  This makes it perfect for brushing your teeth after lunch when your'e at work or out and about.