Control and monitor your Panasonic Heat Pump from anywhere with IntesisHome’s Wi-Fi Controller. This new easy-to-use system lets you operate your Heat Pump via your smartphone, tablet, or PC. You’ll be able to turn your Heat Pump on or off, change modes, set temperatures, and more.

What is IntesisHome?

IntesisHome is an external wireless device which syncs to your Heat Pump unit via Wi-Fi, letting you easily control and monitor your system.


How does it work?

After installing and connecting your IntesisHome device, you can control your Heat Pump via the IntesisHome App (iOS or Android) or website on your smartphone, tablet or PC. It’s a cloud based service which is accessible from any location via an Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G).


What are the key features?

  • It’s compatible with Panasonic’s High Wall Heat Pump range
  • Control On/Off, operating modes (cooling, heating, auto), fan speed and the louvre position
  • Programmable usage patterns in a calendar schedule
  • Receive alerts and notifications on maintenance, firmware updates and the status of your Heat Pump Unit
  • Stylish and user-friendly interface
  • Multi-language


What are the benefits?

Heating and cooling systems account for approximately 29% of a household’s power bill. IntesisHome’s new eco-friendly system lets you effectively control your Heat Pump, so you are only heating or cooling your home when you need to. You’ll save energy without losing comfort.

It’s also easy to sync the system to your calendar and set-up usage patterns which work best for your schedule.

*Please note: you’ll require a compatible Heat Pump model, an internet connection in the dwelling where the heat pump is installed, and a Wi-Fi device with access to the Internet. The IntesisHome’s Wi-Fi AC Controller will need to be installed by a professional Air Con installer.

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