What size system do I need?

It is important that your system is the ideal size for the space you need to heat. If you need to heat-up a large space, you’ll require a larger capacity Heat Pump unit. By choosing the perfect system for your home you’ll save energy and money, as well as creating a more comfortable environment all year round. It’s a great idea to get a qualified Heat Pump specialist to visit your home and advise you on the product best suited to your needs.

Are the size and position of my windows important?

Windows can modify your room’s natural temperature, so size and position are important factors to consider when looking at Heat Pump options. Blinds and curtains can also reduce the loss of heat from your room.

My house is insulated – will this help?

Having a properly insulated home will improve your Heat Pump’s energy efficiency because it doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain a consistent temperature. Rooms without wall or ceiling insulation will require more capacity compared to an insulated room.

What is the difference between a single-split and multi-split heat pump?


A single-split heat pump consists of a single internal "fan" unit matched to a single external "condenser" unit, designed to heat the room it is sized for and installed into. Although some heat may flow into other areas, it is unlikely to effectively heat your whole house. If you want to heat other areas of the house you may be better to consider a multi-split system, where a single outdoor unit powers up to five indoor units. This kind of setup can save space and power and also cut down on potential noise, but it requires careful selection and installation. A Panasonic Heat Pump specialist can advise you on this.

Who will install my Heat Pump?


Installing a heat pump is a much more complex process than, say, plugging in a fan heater or oil column heater. It is important that a Panasonic Heat Pump is installed by a qualified installer, who has the expertise and knowledge to:

  • Select the right unit for your specific heating and cooling situation
  • Advise on the right locations - inside and outside - for the unit to be installed
  • Show you through all the features and functions of your new Panasonic Heat Pump, and provide a warranty for the unit.

It is not recommended to install your new Panasonic Heat Pump yourself; in fact, non-authorised installation may void the warranty. To help make the process as simple as possible, we can arrange a no obligation heat pump consultation with one of our approved installers. CLICK HERE to find out more.