Experience faster cooling and superior airflow this summer with Panasonic’s latest range of Air Conditioners. They include 'iAUTO-X' and 'Aerowings' technology to quickly and efficiently cool your home and ensure the temperature remains steady and comfortable.



iAUTO-X offers 15% faster cooling thanks to a new compressor and fan design. They feature a new design with a wider intake grille and super-high fan speed to produce a greater air volume for fast cooling and comfort.

Aerowings Blades

Comfortable cooling is further enhanced by the new ‘Aerowings’ blades. They have two independent blades which distribute cool air evenly throughout the room, minimising uncomfortable direct icy airflow. After reaching the set temperature, the twin blades direct airflow upwards ensuring the cool air to naturally shower downwards, spreading the airflow over a wider area. This allows the cool air to be evenly distributed throughout the room for maximum cooling comfort.