Heating or cooling your home 

Panasonic Heat Pumps are designed to provide more than just cooling and heating comfort to your home. They save energy. They purify your surroundings. They adjust cooling and heating power to suit your living spaces and styles. Living an eco-lifestyle your way is now easier. 


Deluxe E Series

Designed to suit New Zealand's climate with outstanding temperature range of  -15 to 24 degrees the Wall Mounted Deluxe E-Series range offer a variety of options to suit any kiwi home.

ECONAVI technology will sense the condition in your home and alter to suit the changing conditions and INVERTER technology to maximise energy savings. In addition to a variety of features, all units include nanoe_G which works to purify the air in the room from airborne micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould ensuring a cleaner environment. 

Range Shot.jpg 


Floor Console

Thanks to the floor console's slim, elegant,  compact design you can install it even when space is limited. Although small, the unit is surprisingly powerful and energy-saving. Comfortable up-down bi-directional airflow warms the entire room down to your toes. 

CS-E9GFEW_internal_front (1).PNG


Compact Design

Flat elegant front panel that provides a neat appearance and can be recessed into a wall up to 95mm.

Multi System

You can use up to 4 indoor units with 1 outdoor unit minimising the space required for outdoor units


Super Quiet

Indoor/outdoor units deliver quiet operation and pressing Quiet Mode lowers the operation noise event further to just 23dB.