LUMIX G Changing Photography with Mirrorless Cameras

Since launching the world’s first Mirrorless Camera in 2008, Panasonic has expanded the boundaries of photography with their LUMIX G Mirrorless Camera series.

To this day LUMIX G remains renowned for high picture quality, advanced features and functions for exceptional shooting performance and creative control, their compact size, and ease-of-use.

From our acclaimed GH4, adored by professional videographers around the globe, to the stylish retro design and user-friendly features of the GX7, there’s a camera for all types of photographer in the LUMIX G series.

LUMIX Launches DMC-G1

In the past, if you were serious about photography and wanted professional results, you used a Digital SLR camera. However DSLR cameras are renowned for being large, heavy, and complicated to use which can be daunting for beginners.

Back in 2008, Panasonic were leading the market for feature-packed compact cameras, however through listening to the needs to consumers, decided to launch the LUMIX G Micro System, a Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera which changed the face of photography.

The LUMIX G1 was the world’s first mirrorless camera which used the new Micro Four Thirds System standard in 2008. The G1 offered the same advantages of a DSLR including big sensors, advanced features, interchangeable lenses, and advanced controls, but in a smaller, lighter body without the mirror mechanism. The G1 broke down notions that DSLR cameras are bulky, heavy, and hard to use, and the sensational picture quality of the 4/3 MOS Sensor helped redefine digital photography.

The Evolution of LUMIX G

The LUMIX G Camera Range has evolved at a fast pace since 2008 and the series continues to break new ground with every new camera release. Throughout the years we have seen the introduction of high speed AF technologies, High-Precision Contrast AF, Free-angle Monitor and Live View Finders, Touch Screen Operation, Full-time Live View Finder, Ultra High-Definition Video Recording, Wi-Fi compatibility, and many more exceptional features.

Along with the LUMIX G Camera series, a range of interchangeable lenses have also been designed for the G Series to capture perfect shots in any situation. Whether you’re looking to take the perfect portrait, action-packed sports scene, or landscape shot, there’s an interchangeable LUMIX lens to help you capture the perfect shot every time.

The LUMIX’s excellent image quality, mobility, and reliability have earned widespread acclaim around the globe. Every camera within the award-winning LUMIX G Series features a huge range of incredible functions housed within a compact body. They’re designed to make high-end professional photography possible for amateurs through to experienced photographers.

LUMIX is creating a new photographic culture and new-generation standard by their on-going introduction of innovative, high-performance cameras and lenses.