In the photography world, those once-in-a-lifetime moments are often missed. You fail to capture that perfect shot because you’re out-of-focus, the slow burst mode lets you down, or your shutter finger was a split-second too late. With LUMIX’s 4K Camera range you’ll always capture the precise moment you’re looking for thanks to our revolutionary 4K Photo technology.

Never miss a moment with 4K Photo Mode

Exclusive to LUMIX, our 4K Photo technology gives you the freedom to choose your favourite shot from a sequence, so you don’t have to guess when the right moment is going to occur.

Our 4K LUMIX Camera’s use fast shutter speeds, giving you up to 30 frames-per-second continuous shooting mode, whilst remaining in focus. This means you’ll always capture those fleeting photographic opportunities such as the winning goal during a soccer game, an impressive lightning strike, or your children leaping into a swimming pool.


After capturing your 4K footage, simply scroll through the video sequence via the ‘carousel’ on the touch screen. It’s quick and easy to select and save your favourite still image.


LUMIX's 4K Photo modes


There are three modes which can be used to take advantage of the 4K Photo function.

4K Burst mode

Operating like a traditional burst mode, LUMIX’s 4K Burst mode continuously shoots 4K 8-megapixel images at an ultra-high burst rate while the shutter button remains held down for up to 29 minutes and 30 seconds. It’s a great function for predictable action sequences which last more than a few seconds.

4K Burst S/S (Start/Stop) mode

This standard 4K Photo function lets you record a 4K video and extract any frame as an 8-megapixel photo. Simply press the shutter once to start burst shooting and then press it again to stop. It’s the easiest way to capture the perfect moment.

4K Pre-Burst mode

The camera uses buffering to start a 4K video sequence which is captured one second before and after the shutter is pressed, at 30 frames-per-second. This gives you 60 extra photos to choose from and it’s perfect for capturing those unpredictable photo opportunities which happen faster than you're able to react to.