Lumix Camera Collection

LUMIX understands, more than anyone, the beauty of our light-filled world. It gives you dazzling light streaming through tree leaves, shades of light gently woven by the setting sun, and the warmth of town lamps. The fleeting movements of animals in the distance are captured by LUMIX's breathtaking zoom performance, bringing them so close, it feels like you can almost reach out and touch them.

New selfie expressions record forever the heartwarming moments that you spend with someone special. And Wi-Fi® lets you share your feelings with friends all over the world. With LUMIX, you can save the world's glimmering beauty forever, in both photos and videos.


Compact vs Interchangeable Lens

Understand the difference of camera technology before you buy - and pick the right camera for your use.


Compact Cameras

Compact Cameras are also known as “point and shoot” cameras. These can be easy to use Cameras that feature Intelligent Auto Mode while still giving the user some manual control.

Compact Cameras are a great daily option that can either be small and stylish, feature a massive zoom as well as a tough waterproof option.


Interchangeable Lens

Interchangeable Lens Cameras also known as Mirrorless Cameras give the user a better image quality and the possibility to change lenses. Giving users more control and greater clarity.

Mirrorless Cameras are great for people who want to capture the best photo possible. Faster autofocus and sharper images allow for the perfect shot!