Pumpkin Cream Soup

Steamed pumpkin cream soup with pumpkin seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds

6 Servings

Preparation: 1 hour Total Time: 1 hour

  • Pumpkin (Butternut), peeled and diced 1 Kg
  • White onions, sliced 200 g
  • Butter 10 g
  • Vegetable or chicken stock 1.5 L
  • Salt and pepper To taste
  • Nutmeg 1/2 tsp
  • Creme Fraiche 20 g
  • Pumpkin seed oil 30 ml
  • Pumpkin seeds, roasted 1 handful
Put the pumpkin in a microwave-safe container. Press STEAM & MICRO POWER, turn the dial to set cooking time to approximately 20 minutes and then press START/SET. Cook the pumpkin until soft.
In a separate container, mix the onions and butter together. Cook on MICRO POWER medium until the onions are soft. Add the vegetable stock and heat for another 2 minutes on MICROWAVE POWER high.
Combine the pumpkin and the hot stock and blend until smooth using the hand blender. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.
Pour the soup into the desired cups, drizzle with creme fraiche, pumpkin seed oil and top with roasted pumpkin seeds,


Instead of creme fraiche, you may use regular cream or natural yoghurt, for a more tangy flavour.

Products used in recipe

Steam Convection Microwave

Hand Blender