Lighten the load with Panasonic’s intelligent Washing Machine range. 

Equipped with the latest technologies including ECONAVI, Inverter and HydroActive+ and ActiveFoam, you'll save time, money and energy, whilst enjoying an exceptional washing performance. Available in a variety of capacities, they're perfect for large families and busy couples alike.


Loved by Kiwi households, Top Loader Washing Machines are perfect for the busiest of lifestyles.


AquaBeat Wash

A powerful, triple-motion water flow, featuring splash action, vertical, horizontal and central water flows for an exceptional cleaning performance.

Sazanami Drum

The washing machine interior has unique dimple-shaped water spouts to effectively remove dirt and grime whilst still being gentle on your clothes.

Dynamic Water Flow

Experience a thorough washing performance. The unique design rotates clothes throughout the drum creating small waves which evenly cleans your clothes.



Stubborn stains are a thing of the past with Panasonic’s Front Loader Washing Machines.  You’ll save time, energy and money, thanks to Active Foam, HydroActive+, 3D Sensor Wash and Panasonic’s new Steam Action features.


HydroActive+ Wash

The unique five-nozzle design dissolves detergent quicker, penetrating clothes more effectively. Washing times are shorter so you save on time, water and energy.

3D Sensor Wash

The 3D sensor analyses the movement of clothes inside the drum during washing and automatically adjusts the motor speed using Inverter technology to optimise washing performance. By doing this, it ensures that heavier items are moved to the top of the drum and prevents lighter items from sticking to the drum.

Steam Action

Panasonic’s intelligent Steam Action* technology lightens the load of laundry by cutting ironing time, reducing washing time for items that don’t need a full wash, and removing allergens from garments. *available on NA-140VS4WAU and NA-148VS4WAU models.

Active Foam

Our ActiveFoam System breaks through dirt for a powerful cleaning performance. Washing detergent is turned into a dense and highly concentrated cleaning foam which breaks through grease and grime from within fabric fibres.

Top Loader – No tangles