Enjoy more savings when tackling laundry with Panasonic’s Top and Front Loader Washing Machines are equipped with a variety of energy saving functions including ECONAVI, Inverter, Hydroactive+5, 3D Sensor Wash, and many more.

Through a combination of ECONAVI and Inverter smart technologies, our Washing Machines are able to adapt their washing modes based on laundry load requirements. This clever combo not only helps reduce water and energy bills, but they also guarantee the ultimate washing performance.


Panasonic’s market-leading ECONAVI sensor technology adapts washing modes based on your laundry requirements. It detects your load size and automatically reduces wash times, water temperatures, and the amount of water used accordingly.


A Washing Machine without ECONAVI uses the same amount of water, even if your laundry load changes every wash. With ECONAVI, the built-in sensors detect load size and the water level is lowered automatically so no water is wasted. In addition, when the water temperature is warmer, the ECONAVI sensors automatically reduce the wash time, helping you make further energy savings.


Inverter Technology is core to Panasonic’s industry-leading performance. Inverter automatically adapts the motor rotation and energy output based on sensors inside the washing machine. This clever technology ensures efficient consumption and helps Panasonic Washing Machines achieve impressive water and energy star ratings.



Hydroactive+ uses a unique multidirectional five-nozzle design that rapidly penetrates your clothes and dissolves detergent faster, enhancing the washing machine’s ability to wash efficiently and save energy.


The 3D Sensor analyses the movement of your laundry in the drum and the motor speed is adjusted accordingly for the ultimate washing performance.


This powerful triple-motion water function evenly penetrates clothes during rinsing (the cycle which normally wastes the most water) resulting in a more effective clean which uses less water.



The unique design rotates clothes throughout the drum creating small waves which evenly cleans your clothes. With less water used, lower power consumption, and shorter wash times, it’s not hard to see why Panasonic’s Washing Machine Range is the eco-friendly choice.