Revolutionary ECONAVI is a smart technology that adapts the washing mode based on the laundry requirements.

Panasonic's ECONAVI detects the laundry load and water temperature to automatically reduce the wash time and the amount of water accordingly.

With less water used, lower power consumption and shorter wash times, it's not hard to see why ECONAVI is the eco-friendly choice in Washing Machines.




Inverter technology is key to Panasonic's industry-leading performance.

Inverter automatically adapts energy output based on sensors inside the Washing Machine.  This clever technology ensures efficient energy consumption and helps Panasonic Washing Machines achieve impressive Energy and Water Star Ratings.


With Panasonic's unique ECONAVI, Inverter

and HydroActive+ technologies, water and

energy savings are now higher than ever.


 Energy Savings.png Energy Savings

All Panasonic Laundry Appliances have impressive energy saving properties.  Our Washing Machines have a 2.5 to 4.5 Energy Star Rating, and the Heat Pump Dryer has an excellent 6 Star Energy Rating.

Water Savings.png  Water Savings 

Panasonic has made a commitment to be environmentally responsible, and water savings fit right into that philosophy.  Our Front and Top Loaders guarantee water savings as Water Star Ratings indicate.