Panasonic's range of Vacuum Cleaners combine energy saving technology, ergonomic design and other practical features to guarantee maximum clean with minimum effort.

Vacuums that save you time and energy

Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners are more advanced with a focus on energy and time savings, ergonomic design and efficiency.

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Eco Max and Eco Max Light.png Technology

This eco friendly technology offers more performance with less energy consumption.  The motor is much more efficient meaning you don't have to go over cleaned areas multiple times.


HEPA H10 Air Filtration

You can breathe easy with the HEPA Air Filter.  It removes fine dust, dirt and other irritants from the exhaust to deliver the cleanest air possible.


Ergonomic Design

The clever design of Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners will help you get to previously hard to reach places for a proper clean.


Bagged/Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

Our range includes Vacuum Cleaners with dust bags as well as a bagless model with an easy to clean cylinder.


Quiet Operation

Through clever design and efficient use of materials the noise generated is significantly reduced.


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