Panasonic’s innovative Flatbed design allows for greater cooking space, flexibility to use dishes of any shape or size, and it’s easier to clean. With this exceptional feature, you’ll think about Microwave cooking in a completely new way.


Panasonic’s clever Flatbed Microwaves eliminates the use of a turntable. It is aided by a revolutionary double heater system, which removes the traditional convection heater and circulation fan found in other Conventional Microwave Ovens.

This clever design not only creates a larger cooking area compared to conventional models, it also lets you to place dishes of all shapes and sizes inside the oven thanks to more space.


Food is also cooked perfectly with the Flatbed design. A microwave antenna rotates underneath the flatbed and evenly distributes power to every part of the Microwave cavity for evenly cooked food.

The flatbed design is even more practical to clean, saving you both time and effort.  The flatbed interior is covered in self-cleaning catalytic upper and back plates and a fluoric coating to prevent food from sticking.