Partially cooked meals from your Microwave Oven are a thing of the past thanks to Panasonic’s revolutionary new Cyclonic Inverter Technology. With our newest NN-ST785SQPQ model, you’ll enjoy perfect and evenly cooked dishes every time.


The Evolution of Cyclonic Inverter Technology

When cooking with conventional Microwave Ovens, it’s common to experience uneven cooking - your food can end up both overcooked and cold at the same time. This is because conventional Microwaves are controlled by one power level, on or off, which results in overheating and loss of flavour and texture.

Panasonic’s exceptional new NN-ST785SQPQ Microwave is equipped with Inverter Technology, which gives you more control over power levels. With an Inverter Microwave, a constant stream of power cooking prevents overheating – food is cooked more evenly, texture and flavour are preserved, and it also prevents spills and burnt edges.

When Inverter is paired with Cyclonic Wave technology, you’ll experience the fastest and most efficient way to enjoy perfectly prepared meals, snacks and beverages.

An even 3D cyclonic wave is distributed throughout the entire Microwave cavity in a circular pattern, whereas other Inverters send their waves out in a single plane. It delivers more versatile options and more delicious results – at any temperature level the edges of your food are perfectly cooked and the centre is fully-heated. It’s everything you’d expect from the leader in advanced Microwave technology.



Other Key Features

In addition to being equipped with Cyclonic Inverter technology, NN-ST785SQPQ has these other exceptional features.


Power at your fingertips

With 1,100W of high-powered performance, you’ll enjoy heating up your meals in no time. What’s more, preparing a delicious feast for family and friends is hassle-free; NN-ST785SQPQ has an impressive 44 litre capacity.

Genius Sensor Cooking

Panasonic takes the guesswork out of choosing the right setting with the Genius Sensor Cooking function. The Genius sensor does the thinking for you - it automatically sets power levels and adjusts cooking and defrosting times, and it measures the amount of steam produced during cooking and adjusts the remaining cooking time accordingly.

Sensor Inverter Turbo Defrost

This advanced feature utilises a Microwave sequencing system based on the Inverter’s continuous stream of power to thaw food more quickly and evenly, whilst maintaining flavour, texture and nutrients. Frozen centres and overcooked edges are a thing of the past.

Stylish & User-Friendly

Elegant and stylish, the six-button chrome panel adds a modern-look to your kitchen. The electrostatic glass touch control panel also makes it incredibly easy to operate your Microwave. Plus, there are 20 pre-set meu options so you can achieve perfect cooking results.