Panasonic’s intelligent and innovative Convection Microwave Ovens present a new range of possibilities. Gone are the days when microwaves were only used for reheating leftovers. Convection microwaves are an all-in-one kitchen whizz with a multitude of practical features designed to revolutionise home cooked dishes.

What is a Convection Microwave?

These clever kitchen appliances give you the added functionality of an oven, while including all the features of a standard microwave. An integrated fan circulates the hot air throughout the oven producing a quicker and more even result, making them particularly perfect for baking and roasting.


Perfect for Small Spaces

Convection Microwaves are perfect for small kitchen spaces where there isn’t room for an oven, grill and microwave such as studio apartments, caravans or baches. Panasonic’s flatbed design takes away the need for a cooking turntable, making the microwave more compact in size and increasing your workspace, A Convection Microwave can perform all the functions of an oven such as defrosting, steaming, reheating, grilling and baking.


Reduced Cooking Times

The innovative flatbed design allows for 45% more cooking space compared to conventional turntable models. They’re also designed so you can use most dish types and sizes. There are also two levels so you can prepare more food at once.


A Healthier Cooking Option with Turbo Steam

Preparing healthy, oil-free dishes is easier than before with the Turbo Steam function, available on our flagship NN-CS894S Convection Microwave Oven. Powerful steam is injected directly into the upper area of the oven ensuring that delicious natural flavours and nutrients from your foods are preserved.


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