It’s a dinner time staple, however whipping up the perfect bowl of rice isn’t an easy feat. Get the cooking time or water level wrong, and your rice can up end burnt, stuck to the pan, mushy and inedible.

Rice lovers rejoice! Panasonic has just released two clever new rice cookers designed to make cooking perfect rice easier and hassle-free.


Our new Rice Cooker models SR-ZE105 and SR-ZE185 are a must-have for all busy kitchens. Available in 1.0L and 1.8L capacities, these versatile Rice Cookers offer 10 different menu programmes that cover every different rice grain, and even let you cook porridge, soups, stews and casseroles.

Using microcomputer Fuzzy Logic Technology


SR-ZE105 and SR-ZE185 use microcomputer controlled Fuzzy Logic Technology to make life in the kitchen easier. This revolutionary technology does the thinking for you by controlling cooking temperatures according to the amount of rice in the pan. The results are more precise and consistent every time.

Shine bright like a diamond


Both models feature a durable diamond-coated inner pan so you can be certain that they’re made to last. The 6-layer diamond inner pan is a hard-wearing material that rapidly conducts heat, meaning your rice cooks faster and tastes better. The pan is also non-stick, so cleaning up afterwards is a breeze.

Check out the SR-ZE105 and SR-ZE185 Rice Cookers.