Be whizz in the kitchen with Panasonic’s range of stylish Stick Blenders. They let you whip up everything from smoothies, to dips, sauces and soups at the touch of a button.



Featuring a high-powered 600 watt motor for quick and efficient blending, their speed can be easily adjusted to match the density of your ingredients. Panasonic’s Blenders are equipped with two blending blades and a stainless steel shaft which can be used in hot pans for soups and sauces. 

They have an array of attachments for chopping, whisking, blending, and whipping and a range of speeds can be used, providing a range of solutions for cooking needs. They also feature one-touch operation, so when you take your finger of the power, they automatically turn off.

For ultimate convenience, the stainless steel shaft and beaker are both dishwasher safe for easy clean up, and the wall mount allows for uncluttered kitchen surfaces, while keeping the stick blender to hand.