Irons are not all created equal

Panasonic's key ironing technologies, in combination with other great features like self-cleaning steam vents, will truly make your life much easier.


360° Quick

Panasonic's 360° Quick prevents creasing by enabling you to iron smoothly in any direction.  At the end of the day this means more efficiency, less ironing time. Steam Circulating Soleplate

Steam Circulating Soleplate

Steam from the 29 vents along the U-Shape groove is spread over the soleplate for the steaming rate 25%* higher than ever before.  An even steam distribution softens the fabric and irons out wrinkles. 

* When compared to other conventional corded Panasonic Irons.
Iron - U-Shape Soleplate.png


Steam Circulating Soleplate

An even steam distribution softens the fabric and irons out the wrinkles.  A fabulous finish is guaranteed.


Iron - Steam Soleplate.png


Auto Anti-Drip

An automatic anti-drip system will prevent unnecessary spills, and keep the iron safe for use.


Auto Anti-Calcium System

An anti-calcium function prevents a build-up of calcium from clogging steam holes, also ensuring the Iron will have a longer life-span.

Iron - Auto Anti Calc System.png 


Self Cleaning Steam Vents

Self cleaning steam vents help remove unwanted build-up within the Iron.