Panasonic’s range of Refrigerators are packed with advanced cooling systems and features to help keep your produce fresher and crisper for longer.

Fresh Safe: Optimal storage for fresh, crunchy, long-lasting vegetables and fruit

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The Fresh Safe Vegetable Case provides the optimum environment to store vegetables and fruit in order to keep them fresh and juicy. High humidity levels (approx. 90%), a constant temperature of 6°C, and indirect cooling rather than direct cold air, all contribute to the premium storage conditions for fresh produce. Drying out is also prevented by the air-tight structure of the Vegetable Case. Rubber at the edges seals on both sides to prevent air from the rest of the refrigerator entering.

Prime Fresh: light freezing for fresher meat storage

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The Prime Fresh Zone is a completely new temperature zone which lightly freezes food rather than turning it rock solid. The Prime Fresh Zone maintains a temperature of -3°C allowing it to safely keep produce like meat and fish fresh, prolonging its fridge-life. Instead of typical freezer temperatures of -18° to -20°C the more gentle Prime Fresh Zone preserves the flavour, texture, and nutrients in your food as well as insuring meaty/fishy odours are contained to one area of the refrigerator. Plus, as only the outside of the meat freezes sealing out oxygen, there is virtually no wait time for thawing before you cook.

Temperature Isolation: Store food in optimum conditions for lasting freshness

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With four different temperature zones, this model uses Panasonic’s unique cooling technology to maintain isolated compartments that are designed with the Kiwi lifestyle and climate in mind. Although customizable, the refrigerator comes preset with optimal compartments for fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, freezing, and general refrigeration.

*Temperatures shown are approximations and can be customized.

Ag Clean: Keep your fridge fresh and your family healthy

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Silver has a powerful anti-bacterial effect, deactivating 99.9%* of mold and bacteria inside the refrigerator. Ag Clean is a filter already installed in the cold air outlet meaning that all cool air has to pass through it. An active enzyme in the filter also has a deodorizing effect helping to resolve lingering unpleasant smells from produce such as fish.

*Certified by Boken Quality Evaluation Institute. Test report number: No. 20215058561-1