Panasonic's Refrigerators are packed with modern features ranging from revolutionary energy saving technologies and advanced cooling systems, to practical innovations that make life easier in the kitchen.

NEW Premium Panasonic Refrigerators

Inspired by Japanese cuisine and its focus on fresh, premium produce, and with the New Zealand climate in mind, the design of this range of refrigerators was focused on the "pursuit of freshness". Sensor technology, electronic control, and a surround cooling airflow structure combine to achieve the goal of long lasting freshness while the exterior design uses sleek clean lines, glass panels, and minimalistic sophistication to succeed in creating truly elegant refrigerators.

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Advanced Japanese Technologies and a commitment to exceptional quality

In the Panasonic tradition of uncompromising quality and reliability, we are committed to upholding the values of our trusted brand by exceeding expectations with each and every one of our products.

The origins of this commitment are part of Panasonic Japan’s manufacturing DNA which has been passed down in an unbroken line for generations. Based on the stringent quality standards that have been cultivated in Japan, we are now delivering Panasonic products that have been developed and manufactured at our locations all over the globe.

Panasonic's refrigerator compressors are one example of our dedication to quality. Manufactured in-house, they are exceptionally durable and carry a 12-year warranty. Our long tradition of strict quality control guarantees a minimum of 12 years reliable operation. You can depend on your Panasonic refrigerator, day in, day out.

* 12 Year Warranty covers compressor part only


It’s an eco-friendly choice

To protect the global environment, we have to reduce electricity and water consumption in the home. But this is troublesome and hard to maintain. With ECONAVI and Inverter, Panasonic provides an effective energy saving solution that doesn't place a burden on the user.

It’s an economical choice

Our technologies allow your appliances to run more efficiently, helping you save not only on energy consumption but also money.

Intelligent technology

Revolutionary ECONAVI and Inverter appliances determine conditions during use to automatically save energy. Based on these usage patterns energy input is adjusted accordingly resulting in effortless savings across the board.

User friendly

Panasonic makes it easy for everyone to make a difference and reduce our environmental footprint. With no tricky or complicated settings, you will enjoy all the benefits of our appliances hassle-free.

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