With cutting-edge Inverter and heat pump technologies, Panasonic’s Heat Pump Dryer achieves top-class efficiency and provides outstanding drying performance.


Based on the same principle as heating with an Air Conditioner, a Heat Pump Dryer generates more heat and uses less energy.  As a result, it is more efficient and more eco-friendly compared to conventional dryers.

When pairing Heat Pump technology with Inverter, energy consumption is minimised for a more efficient operation. Inverter technology ensures that Panasonic’s Heat Pump Dryer runs through the drying process with optimum power levels – it automatically changes compressor rotation speed to achieve the best drying performance.



Inverter technology also enables adjustment of the drying temperature. With Gentle Dry, the drying temperature is approximately 45˚C so you can even dry delicate fabrics and items such as wool, nylon, lingerie and sportswear. If you select Special Mode, the temperature is adjusted to approximately 69˚C to save you time. In either case, they dryer delivers the best results and improved convenience.