Throw your woollens and delicate items in a dryer? You wouldn’t normally dream of it… Well, now you can with Panasonic’s innovative Heat Pump Dryer. It perfectly dries delicate items, from your favourite woollen jumper to that good-old nylon sports gear, without shrinkage or damage. Talk about clever!


Gentle on Clothes

No matter what type of fabric your clothes are, Panasonic’s exceptional Heat Pump Dryer lets you choose from a wide-range of customised care programmes and options that deliver perfect drying results.

Gentle mode dries clothes at approximately 45˚C, which is ideal for delicate fabrics such as wool, nylon, lingerie, and sports and outdoor items. You also don’t have to worry about them getting damaged or shrinking.

How does it work?

Honey, I shrunk the clothes will be a thing of the past… Panasonic’s Heat Pump Dryer has intelligent twin drying sensors which monitor the load, the types of fabric and the residual moisture, and the drying time and temperature is adjusted accordingly. Meanwhile, the Sazanami drum is extremely gentle on clothes during the drying process.

Will all that drying harm the planet?

Not only is the Panasonic Heat Pump Dryer kind on clothes, it is also kind to the planet. It has been awarded an impressive 6-star energy rating due to its clever heat exchange system. The heat used for drying is created through the heat exchange in the dryer’s heat pump. This differs to traditional vented and condenser dryers which utilise an element to heat the air.