Panasonic’s Heat Pump Dryer has harnessed the latest Inverter and Heat Pump technologies to deliver an exceptional 6-Star energy rating for ultra-efficient drying.


Inverter technology enables the Heat Pump Dryer to run the drying process with optimum power. Conventional Dryers can’t change the compressor rotation speed; whereas Inverter models significantly reduce wasted energy consumption for efficient operation.

Heat Pump technology is based on the same principal as heating with an Air Conditioner. A Heat Pump Dryer generates more heat while using less energy. As a result, it is more efficient and environmentally friendly compared to other conventional dryer models.

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Conventional dryers dry clothes at a temperature of nearly 100˚C, whereas our Heat Pump technology enables drying at low temperatures of approximately 45˚C. This provides gentle drying with less shrinkage and soft drying results.

The Dryer also features clever twin drying sensors which monitor the load, the types of fabrics and residual moisture. They detect when the load has reached the desired drying level and adjust the temperature and drying time. This prevents overheating and avoids wasted energy.

The design of the drum on our Heat Pump Dryer ensures a large volume of airflow to prevent loss of pressure and 3D Air Circulation dries the laundry in three dimensions for an excellent drying performance.