Available in three capacities to suit every household. They create comfortable, healthy and dry living environments and can also eliminate unpleasant musty odours. Specifically designed for New Zealand conditions, all models offer exceptional ease of use with one touch operation. 

A versatile range of Dehumidifiers in New Zealand

Providing the most comfortable air flow and increased circulation in your home is easy with our range of Dehumidifiers that offer smart features and our continuous draining system, that operates from 10 to 27 litres per day reducing the frequency to empty the units built in drainage tank.They're quiet too, at 37dBA the F-YCL10N is one of the quietest models available in New Zealand.



Features include


Econavi.png ECONAVI 

Detects the temperature and humidity to judge dryness and stops operation automatically, saving energy and money.


AntiBacteria.png Anti-bacteria Enzyme 

Prevents the reproduction of bacteria and moulds in order to ensure a clean environment.


GreenTeaCatechin.png Green Tea Catechin

Can inhibit certain kinds of virus up to 99% by surrounding the viruses with the Catechin.


SuperAlleruBuster.png Super Alleru-Buster

Can inhibit certain kinds of allergen up to 99% by surrounding and restraining the allergens with the phenolic polymer.