Designed for high-performance, Panasonic’s Induction Hobs give you complete control and better results in the kitchen thanks to leading technologies. Available in 590mm or 900mm, their wide-range of outstanding features offer improved flexibility and safety and will revolutionise your cooking performance.


Giving you more control over temperatures, Panasonic’s Induction Hobs use innovative technologies to deliver an exceptional cooking performance – from high-heat pan frying to gentle simmering.

Genius Sensor+
A truly innovative and cutting edge technology exclusive to Panasonic, the Genius Sensor is an essential tool for quicker, more accurate temperature control and better cooking results. It detects and monitors the temperature of your cookware - up to 230˚C - for consistent, safe and stable high heat cooking. It’s the ultimate control at the touch of a button.

FlexZone Cooking Areas
The FlexZone design can fit cookware of different shapes and sizes, whilst still distributing heat evenly. Its flat profile design also lets you move pots and pans around the cooktop easily and quickly.

TFT LCD Control Panels
Our premium model* features TFT LCD full colour touch operation, a sophisticated control panel for the ultimate in cooking control.

Control Panel Lock
Control Panel Lock will let you retain the heat setting for 20 seconds, allowing you to move cookware and return it back to the cooktop without the need to reset.

Pause / Play
One touch reduces active zones to Level 1. Second touch returns zones to original settings.

Auto Water Boil
Automatic boiling activated with one finger tap - a handy helper when you need a pot of boiling water to cook pasta or veggies.

Cooking and Kitchen Timer
Cooking timer: Counts down from set time and switches off the selected zone upon reaching zero.
Kitchen timer: Counts down from set time and sounds the alarm upon reaching zero.

Safety Features

Panasonic Induction Hobs offer a range of standard safety features:
Overheating prevention: Automatically reduces power if cookware becomes too hot.
Child lock: Disables control panel.
Residual heat indicator: Indicates a hot cooking zone with illuminated “H” on the control panel.
- Empty cookware switch-off: Switches off cooking zone if cookware is empty or contents have boiled off.
Small object detection: Automatically detects small objects on cooking zone and switches off zone if object is not removed.
Undetected cookware switch-off: Automatically turns off cooking zone 1 minute after detecting that cookware has been removed.
Auto switch-off: Switches main power off after 1 minute of inactivity.

*Available on model KY-T935XLEPG only.