Panasonic New Zealand is committed to bringing innovative, smart technology into our homes that makes everyday living easy.

Loved by households all over the world, Panasonic is recognised as one of the most trusted brands in New Zealand. A reputation that is backed up by award-winning levels of customer service and leading-edge product innovation.
Our diverse range of products are designed to benefit the lives of New Zealanders with reliable technology that complements our way of life, for every day. The way we cook has transformed in recent years, and Panasonic built-in kitchen appliances bring you new tools to make the food you enjoy.

Panasonic only delivers quality products; easy to use appliances that are designed to last. At the heart of every great Panasonic product is a core technology that is unique to us. These technologies are changing the way we live with environmentally responsible solutions that also deliver cost saving benefits.


Panasonic dishwashers are designed to allow flexible dish loading with minimal bending for loading and unloading.
And as it is integrated, it will fit into your home even more seamlessly by matching the door with your kitchen cabinetry, or by using the attachable Stainless Steel door.

Extra Silent Mode
Noise level as low as 42dB never disturbs your peaceful nights sleep.*

Extra Fast Mode
Fits in those quick and urgent washes so you can keep up with your busy lifestyle.*

Smart Design
Improved design and shape of the dish basket for superior cleaning and stacking.

Interior Light
An LED lamp which is bright enough to illuminate every corner of the interior, leaving no question as to whether dishes have been cleaned.*

Adjustable Upper Basket
One simple action adjusts the upper basket height to fit various sizes of dishware.

Aqua Stop
Detects water leakage from the hose, and immediately stops the water if leakage is detected.

Automatic Door Opening
Opens upon finishing to let moisture out and cut back on energy for drying, showing the highest standard of eco-consciousness.*

*NP-B6M2 only.