Effortlessly streamline the way you cook with Panasonic’s range of high-powered Combination Ovens. Combining the functions of an oven and microwave into one compact shape, you can grill, steam, heat and even combine functions for quick and delicious results. With their subtle and elegant design, they are perfect match for our Built-in Ovens range.

Energy-saving technology

Featuring Panasonic’s energy-saving Inverter technology, you’ll experience precise control over power levels when utilising the microwave function. With Inverter, fine-inverter regulated power levels prevent overheating, resulting in food being more evenly cooked and flavoursome.

A wide-range of cooking functions


Grilling, steaming and heating are all at your fingertips with Panasonic’s Combination Ovens. You can also combine these functions for the finest cooking results.

Flatbed design

Our Combination Ovens have a spacious flatbed design, which makes the oven cavity 45% larger compared to conventional microwave ovens with a turntable. By eliminating the turntable, heat is more evenly distributed throughout the oven cavity for perfect dishes, every time.

Easy to clean

The flatbed can be easily wiped clean after use and the altruistic catalytic back plate automatically burns away grease build-ups from food, keeping inside surfaces cleaner for longer.

Intuitive Operation


It’s incredibly easy to operate our Combination Oven range with the clear and user-friendly LED Control panel.