Enjoy the ultimate cooking experience with Panasonic’s large capacity Built-in Ovens. They have a wide-range of practical features which include catalytic coating and pyrolytic self-cleaning, smooth gliding extendable telescopic shelves, soft closing doors and user-friendly display panels. Available in black or stainless steel, their elegant and classic look will enhance any modern kitchen design.


Panasonic’s large capacity Built-in Ovens represent everything a modern kitchen needs to cater for busy lifestyles.
Ease of use, handy settings, and innovative design have been combined to give you an incredibly efficient oven for your everyday needs.

Auto Menu
Auto Menu is like a built-in chef. Simply select from available menu options and the oven will set the optimal heating mode, temperature and cooking time.

Pyrolytic Cleaning
The pyrolytic cleaning system burns up persistent grime left on the walls or shelves at up to 500°C. Simply wipe clean once the cycle is complete.

TFT LCD Control Panel
Panasonic’s Built-in Ovens offer two types of control panels with superb design and functionality. Our premium Ovens feature an intuitive TFT LCD full-colour touch control panel* and our other models have user-friendly LED control panels.

Smooth glide telescopic shelves: These shelves allow effective use of the oven size and easier access when you put in or take out a dish, or even multiple dishes cooked at the same time.
Soft closing door: Our oven doors are hinged to close gently and quietly.
Five shelf levels: Find the perfect spot for your dish by choosing from five shelf levels.*
Lighting: Optimally positioned lighting gives extra brightness to check on food at a glance.

Ultra cool door: The outer surface of the door stays as cool as possible even when the oven is in use.
Enamel coating: A highly-durable enamel coating protects inner surfaces from oily liquid which may come from cooking fatty meats.
Pyro resistant shelves: Pyro ovens come with high heat resistant shelves and trays that can be cleaned after you run a pyro-cleaning cycle.
Easy clean: A flat inner surface, uninterrupted by screws or rubber seals, makes cleaning much easier.

The oven’s energy-saving setting, EcoMode, uses the grill together with the fan to improve efficiency when cooking smaller dishes.

* TFT LCD control panel are available on models
HL-PF685S and HL-PF685B only.