Panasonic’s Built-in Kitchen appliances including Combination Ovens, Built-in Ovens, Induction Hobs, and Dishwashers, have cutting-edge technologies, user-friendly functions, and a full range of clever features for the ultimate cooking performance.

Designed to integrate perfectly into any modern kitchen, our Built-in Kitchen appliance collection shares a uniform and stylish design to bring a coordinated look and feel to your kitchen.

Built-in Ovens

Enjoy the ultimate cooking experience with Panasonic’s Built-in Ovens. They have a wide-range of practical features making it even easier to cook your favourite dishes or experiment with something new.

Panasonic’s large capacity Built-in Ovens represent everything a modern kitchen needs to cater for busy lifestyles.
Ease of use, handy settings, and innovative design have been combined to give you an incredibly efficient oven for your everyday needs.

Designed especially for Kiwi households, Panasonic’s Built-in Ovens have a generous 65L – 70L capacity and a full range of practical features including enamel coating and pyrolytic self-cleaning, smooth gliding telescopic shelves, soft closing doors and user-friendly display panels. Their elegant design perfectly matches the rest of our Built-in Kitchen collection.



Compact Combination Ovens 

The versatility of these premium compact ovens will transform your meals, delivering healthier results in less time. Effortlessly streamline the way you cook with Panasonic’s range of high-powered Compact Combination Ovens.

Combining the functions of an oven and microwave, you can grill, steam, heat and even combine functions to create restaurant-worthy dishes. You’ll have absolute control over power levels for perfect results thanks to Panasonic’s renowned energy-saving Inverter technology. Their large flat base design and altruistic catalytic back plate also make our Compact Combination Ovens incredibly easy to clean, saving you time in the kitchen.


Induction Hobs

Giving you more control over temperatures, Panasonic’s Induction Hobs use innovative technologies to deliver an exceptional cooking performance – from high-heat pan frying to gentle simmering.

Designed with your family's safety in mind, Panasonic’s range of Induction Hobs are also designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen with subtle style. 





Panasonic dishwashers are designed to allow flexible dish loading with minimal bending for loading and unloading. And as it is integrated, it will fit into your home even more seamlessly by matching the door with your kitchen cabinetry, or by using the attachable Stainless Steel door.