At Panasonic, we’re committed to being environmentally responsible and have introduced a number of innovations over the years to support this – such as our energy-saving technologies; Inverter, Genius Sensor+ and EcoMode, designed to help improve efficiency in the kitchen. Our key technologies are setting a new standard in achieving these goals and offer many effortless benefits.

Inverter Technology

Optimised energy consumption at your fingertips.
Conventional microwave ovens operate on only one power level - fully on or off. Panasonic Inverter technology gives you more control in terms of power output. Instead of just one power level, Inverter delivers graduated power sequences so food is cooked more evenly, preserving texture and flavour, and preventing spill overs and burnt edges.

Genius Sensor+

Intelligent cooking at the touch of a button.
A truly innovative and cutting-edge technology exclusive to Panasonic, the Genius Sensor is an essential tool for quicker, more accurate temperature control and better cooking results. It detects and monitors the temperature of your cookware, up to 230˚C for safe and stable high-heat cooking. It’s the ultimate control at the touch of a button.

Flatbed Technology

With Flatbed technology the limitations of turntable microwave ovens will be a thing of the past. Our Flatbed models have done away with turntables in favour of a space that more resembles the inside of a traditional oven. Thanks to this innovative feature you can start to think about microwave cooking in a completely new way. Flatbed models enable you to use dishes of any form and size giving you a cooking area that is up to 45% bigger compared to conventional turntable models.