High Power! 4410N

Cordless Sealing Gun

Ideal for Plumbing, Marine and Glass Installation, Fire Stop Installation and Tile Installation, Panasonic's Cordless Sealing Gun is the tool for you.  


  • Drip Prevention Mechanism for Clean Finished Work
  • Full-Metal Gearbox for High Reliability
  • One Hand Operation for On/Off and Electric Speed Control
  • 360 degree Rotatable Tube Holder for Free Injection Tool Angle Setting Helps Comfortable Work
  • Rubberized Grip for Comfortable Work


This multi voltage Flashlight will accept 14.4V or 18.0V Panasonic Li-Ion Battery Packs, giving you much greater versatility regarding hours of use.

Cordless Flashlight

Features an adjustable head angle, so you can direct the light projection exactly where you are working and a low battery indicator so you will not be caught in the dark.


  • Dual Voltage
  • Brightness of approx 4,000 Lux
  • Adjustable Head Angle (Four Steps)
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Accepts Panasonic 14.4V, 18.0V Li-Ion Battery Pack


 Acceptable Battery Packs and Hours of Use

  • With 18.0V Li-Ion Battery Pack EY9L51B    -    Approximately 6 Hours 15 minutes
  • With 18.0V Li-Ion Battery Pack EY9L50B   -    Approximately 5 Hours 30 minutes
  • With 14.4V Li-Ion Battery Pack EY9L45B   -    Approximately 5 Hours 10 minutes
  • With 14.4V Li-Ion Battery Pack EY9L44B   -    Approximately 4 Hours 35 minutes
  • With 14.4V Li-Ion Battery Pack EY9L42B   -    Approximately 2 Hours


With over 80 years' experience in Audio Technology, Panasonic has created the perfect job site Radio with premium sound quality and a tough body.

Powertool Radio


Easy Bluetooth Connection

Enjoy Web Access, Smartphone Apps or Stream your Music Digitally via Bluetooth Connectivity.  

You can connect your smart devices to the Portable Radio/Speaker System via Bluetooth.  It is also equipped with onboard USB charging so you can charge your Smartphone whilst on job sites.

* The Radio cannot be used as a charger for Powertool Batteries.