There’s no place like home... Not only is it filled with special memories, but it’s somewhere for your family to relax and enjoy themselves. This is why Panasonic developed their Easy Home Monitoring system – to keep you connected to your favourite place, no matter where you are.



Monitoring made easy

No Monthly Fees

Normally home monitoring services come with hefty price tags. With a Panasonic Easy Home Monitoring system, there are no contracts or monthly service fees. Once you have your system, you’re all set!

Simple to Install

Installing Panasonic’s Home Monitoring system is straightforward and easy. Simply connect the Hub to your Wi-Fi, download the App on your smart device, pair each device to the hub, and you’re ready to go!

Easy to Use

It’s super-easy to take control of your home with the user-friendly ‘Home Network System’ App. You can arm devices, control lights and appliances, and check on real-time footage, all from your smart device.

Expand your System with Ease

Panasonic’s Home Monitoring system can be expanded at any stage with additional accessories. Up to 50 sensors and smart plugs and 4 cameras can be added to your set-up.  It’s easy to sync them to your system with one push pairing.




A Clever Way to Control your Home