Making your home smarter and safer is easier than ever before. Our do-it-yourself Home Monitoring devices can be used to help keep your family and belongings safe.

Easy Home Monitoring – a smarter way to control your home


Connect your home with Panasonic’s do-it-yourself Home Monitoring devices. With easy-set-up, no fees and no worries, our Home Monitoring advantages include:

  • Easy Wi-Fi Setup
  • One Push Pairing
  • No Monthly Safety Fees
  • Long Range DECT


Home Safety

Be informed when an incident occurs in your home. Motion sensors, window/door sensors and cameras can notify you through your smart device when they detect any movement.


Home Control

Our Home Monitoring Smart Plug allows you to create a schedule to turn on/off appliances and devices.


Home Monitoring

When your're away from home, the position of the indoor and outdoor cameras let you watch live images via your smart device with 2-way communication.


Monitor and control your home from your smartphone or tablet with our App 

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The device can be armed at home (for night time), when you are at work or away on holiday, or the devices can be customised to activate without being armed.



A full colour camera with night vision will let you see what is happening in your home, and it’s easy to take a snapshot or recording. The recorded videos are stored on a microSD/microSHD card. Built-in microphone and speaker allows 2-way communication. A built-in visual, audio and temperature sensor can be used to trigger other devices.



Movements from a person or animal will trigger the sensor, and it sends notifications to your smart device.



Our Home Monitoring Smart Plugs let you turn electric devices, such as lights or appliances, on and off using your mobile device from the comfort of your sofa.



By connecting the hub to your landline, you can use your smartphone or tablet to make and receive calls using your landline.


Smart Control

Smart control allows the system to operate by itself. You can configure smart control settings by creating “scenarios”. For example, you can set to record audio and video for one minute when the entrance camera’s motion sensor is triggered, so you can tell who visited you when you’re away from home.


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