Panasonic's large selection of digital cordless phones are perfect for your home or office. Our range includes single, twin and triple handsets, and they’re equipped with large LCD screens, Smart Function keys, noise reduction technology, and they work during a power blackout.


Easy to Use

The large and easy-to-read buttons, LCD position, and other elements, have all been carefully structured based on ergonomics. The large backlit displays makes it easy to view battery life, range of service, and caller identification.

Compact Design

Panasonic Cordless Phones have a simple and elegant design and suit a wide variety of places and room interiors.

Cordless Phones that work in Power Outages

Home communication has never been more simple or reliable. Our unique Panasonic Power Failure Talk System technology means that even when the power fails, our Cordless Phones won’t.

Amazingly Clear Calls

Our Panasonic Cordless Phones have outstanding audio quality, even when you are far away from the phone base unit. Enjoy conversations in the backyard or garage, thanks to our high-precision error correction system technology which ensures clear conversations and less voice interruptions.


Keep your hands free while talking. The speakerphone feature will let you continue cooking, put the groceries away, or take down messages all at the same time you’re chatting on the phone. It also allows other family members to join the conversation.

Smart Features for Easy Operation

By utilising the Smart top key on our phones, you can control calls so they don’t intrude on your life, yet still be available for important people in your life. The Incoming Call and Night Mode functions allow you to customise your phone so that it rings for certain people. You can also reduce unwanted calls with the Nuisance Call block function.