Panasonic EVOLTA and Alkaline cells are a better class of Battery. Intensive research and development has lead to unique technologies which prevent damage to appliances, reduce contact resistance for greater reliability, and maintain power for longer in high-drain devices.


EVOLTA - No.1 for Performance and Endurance

The EVOLTA concept is a combination of “voltage” (high power) and “evolution”, or how our technology has evolved to become pre-eminent in the industry. EVOLTA is not only the No.1 Panasonic Battery; it consistently outperforms our competitors’ premium products in commonly accepted performance tests.

New High-Reactivity Materials

New and improved materials more efficiently supply energy to power-hungry devices. The development of high-reactivity materials has enabled consistent current delivery for longer periods. We call it Extra Power Formula, and it’s your guarantee of dependably high performance.

Ultra-High-Density Filling Technology

If the density of the filling materials inside a Battery is inconsistent, performance can suffer. The development of new materials has led to superior performance.

Advanced Structural Design

EVOLTA features an improved structure to reduce the bulk of the gasket and can. This provides more space for active ingredients for longer-lasting performance. A strong internal structure and tough outer coating has resulted in very high impact resistance with a lower rate of defective conductivity after dropping. Short-circuit protection reduces the chance of malfunction when polarities are accidentally reversed.

Triple Tough Coating Delivers a Smoother Energy Flow

Everybody has experienced the frustration of poor Battery contact. In conventional Batteries, contact resistance on the terminals can build up and cause the nickel layer to peel off. The result is a non-functioning device. EVOLTA’s Triple Tough Coating resolves the problem with an iron/nickel-plated alloy on the negative terminal that improves adhesion and reduces contact resistance. The result is enhanced energy flow and longer Battery life.



Akaline for Versatile, Safe, and Long-Lasting Power

Panasonic's Alkaline Battery range has improved resistance to impact and short-circuit, and delivers high performance with industry-leading safety levels. They can be used in a wide range of appliances, from low-drain devices such as remote controls to high-energy-draw camera strobes and radio-controlled cars. High-quality alkaline cells promise stellar performance, exceptionally long life, and enhanced safety to protect you and your family.

Unique Gas-Suppression Technology

Panasonic Alkaline Batteries feature special technology that’s designed to suppress the amount of gas generated when a Battery is over-discharged or stored for an excessively long period. Less gas build-up means less chance of structural failure, rupture, and possible harm to your family and your appliances.