For over 90 years Panasonic has created a range of EVOLTA, Alkaline and eneloop Batteries which deliver outstanding performance, and are most-trusted for safety and reliability.

Panasonic Batteries create new life with energy


Panasonic’s Battery technology is driven by continuous research and development as we find new ways to extend endurance.

Passion for quality has led to the supply for over 170 billion dry-cell Batteries to more than 120 countries, establishing Panasonic as the premier brand for convenience and value. With superior technology and a firm commitment to sustainability, we’re leading the world to a new life and new possibilities.

Panasonic’s vision for the future centres on the need to develop products that offer greater convenience, a higher level of performance, and improved environmental sustainability. And we’re already delivering on that promise. Some recent examples include the supply of next-generation lithium-ion Batteries for Tesla Motors’ electric vehicles, our ever-increasing involvement in solar energy – and how we can use it to help people in remote locations.