TV Anytime on-the-go

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting on a train or in a café or hotel room wishing you could watch something on your TV at home, the TV Anytime feature found on many 2016 Panasonic TVs is a dream come true. It lets you access your TV’s tuners or USB recordings over the Internet using your tablet or smartphone and the new Panasonic Media Center App – Free Download available for iOS and Android devices.

You can also use TV Anytime to remotely set recordings on your TV from your smartphone or tablet, USB stick or a HDD will need to be connected to your TV. 


TVAnytime - In-House Streaming


The new Panasonic In-house TV streaming feature means you can now stream live Freeview TV from one TV to other TVs, tablets or smartphones.


Since your main TV is equipped with two Freeview tuners, you can watch one TV show on the main TV while someone else watches a different programme on a second TV.

How it works

The main TV converts Freeview broadcast signals so they can be sent via wifi to any compatible client devices – TVs, tablets or smartphones – that share your home network.