For our new 2017 range, our designers wanted to make sure that the aesthetic of our televisions was as premium as the pictures they produce. With a focus on versatility and elegance, they have achieved their objective and delivered a range of televisions which can adapt to any room while maintaining a classic style.

Premium picture quality meets premium design

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With Panasonic’s user-focused approach, the new 2017 TV range is truly designed with you in mind and is adjustable for perfect viewing conditions. By merging the ideas of individual style with personal environments we can demonstrate how the new models are designed to seamlessly integrate with your environment — whatever your style.



With *Swivel* and *Lift* functionality, our Premium Ultra HD TVs always offer the perfect viewing angle. So wherever you make yourself comfortable, you’ll always have the best seat in the house with our "Switch Design“.

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Wide or narrow, subtle or bold — with four distinct styles* in one Flexible Pedestal design, now you can change the look of your TV as often as you remix your room.