My Home Screen 2.0 - internet powered by Firefox OS

Panasonic has used the Firefox operating system to create a ­graphically rich, fast-reacting interface that makes it quick and easy to track down what you want from the huge amount of content options available today.


All hands on deck

The my Home Screen 2.0 interface divides content into easy to ­navigate ‘decks’. There are three default decks (see the descriptions at the bottom of the page), but you can also personalise your Home Screen by pinning your favourite content apps to it.

The Apps Deck This deck gives you slick, graphically rich access to the wide and varied range of apps available through Panasonic’s smart platform. These apps take in everything from exciting games to the most popular localised video on demand partners and many other services.

The Devices Deck Any devices connected to your TV by either cables or Wi-Fi will appear in this deck, giving you rapid access to external sources like tablets, smartphones, computers, Blu-ray players, SD cards, USB storage drives and headphones.


Advanced content search

Available at all times from my Home Screen 2.0 is a new search tool that’s able to look for content based on your search keywords across all available source options, including Internet video services, websites and any external devices you may have connected to your TV.


Smarter remote control

Several 2016 Panasonic TVs come with a newly designed ‘smart’ Remote Control that features a more intuitively shaped and spacious Touch Pad area along with a new ‘Pin to Home’ button, which you can use to personalise your my Home Screen 2.0 interface.