4K Ultra HD TV

Our high-end 4K Pro HDR TVs are designed for cinematic brilliance from the bottom up and tuned in Hollywood to deliver picture quality true to the filmmaker's vision. Equipped with a cutting edge HCX²processor and professional 3D lookup table colour management, our 2017 range of 4K Pro HDR televisions captures every nuance and detail of the original film.

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Hollywood to your Home

Panasonic has long understood that delivering the most accurate TV pictures possible means working with the creative community who actually make all those films and TV shows you love to watch. This is why there has been a Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory in the heart of Los Angeles for more than 20 years, collaborating with film studios, individual directors, cinematographers, and colourists for the latest technology.

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Elegance meets Flexibility

For our new 2017 range, our designers wanted to make sure that the aesthetic of our televisions was as premium as the pictures they produce. With a focus on versatility and elegance, they have achieved their objective and delivered a range of televisions which can adapt to any room while maintaining a classic style. 

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The Freedom to Indulge

With 4K internet video streaming now supported by YouTube® and NETFLIX®, a wide variety of high-quality content is easily at your fingertips. Enjoy more TV shows and movies than ever before with the new Netflix App. You can watch as much content as you want, anytime, without ads.

Plus enjoy live broadcast and on demand TV shows, movies, news and sports with FreeviewPlus®, now available on our Smart TV range. FreeviewPlus® is an easy-to-use TV service which seamlessly integrates live broadcast and on demand, offering access to over 20 live channels plus loads of shows and movies from TVNZ OnDemand, 3NOW and Māori Television On Demand directly on your TV, all free to view. With FreeviewPlus® you can easily switch between live TV and On Demand content, plus look ahead 8 days and scroll back 8 days in the guide so you can catch up on shows with ease, search, browse by genre, set reminders and personalise with your favourites so you’ll always find something great to watch, free from monthly subscription fees.