Surround yourself with your favourite music while cancelling out distracting noises around you with Panasonic’s range of Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Enjoy your Music with Superb Noise Cancelling Technology         

Whether you’d like to block out unwanted sound whilst travelling or create a quiet paradise at home for enjoying your music collection, Panasonic have a pair of Noise-Cancelling Headphones to suit all budgets and requirements.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones reduce unwanted ambient sound through noise control engineering. They’re equipped with a small microphone which picks up passive sound waves and they are cancelled out with an opposite sound wave. So if you were on a plane, the Headphones would send out an inverse wave to cancel out the engine noise.


RP-HC800: The Premium High-Tech Choice

Experience high-performance with RP-HC800. Active Noise Cancelling System with improved Feed-back Noise Cancelling Technology achieves superb noise cancelling performance over a wide frequency range. They are also equipped with 40mm driver units, to make sound and bass more powerful and crystal clear. You’ll enjoy outstanding comfort thanks to a wide padded headband and soft cushioned ear cups. The alkaline battery provides 40 hours of noise cancelling use and the housings are able to turn 90 degrees, allowing the headphones to be folded flat for compact storage. VIEW RP-HC800.


RP-HC200: The Popular Choice for Great Sound

Our popular RP-HC200 over-ear Headphones reduce outside noise by 81% (14dB at 200Hz). Their fold flat design makes them perfect for travel, plus they come with a plug adaptor for aircraft use. With RP-HC200, you'll enjoy up to 60 hours of operation. VIEW PR-HC200.


RP-HC31E: Earbud-Style for Convenience

Panasonic’s high-end lightweight earbud-style RP-HC31E Noise Cancelling Headphones reduce outside noise by 83% (22dB) at 200Hz. Their compact design, additional plane adapter plug, and convenient carrying pouch makes them the perfect travel accessory. What’s more, you're assured a comfortable fit, they come with three different sized ear-pieces. VIEW RP-HC31E.