For the ultimate in recording quality for your favourite TV shows, nothing beats a Panasonic Blu-ray Player. They boast spectacular pictures and sound quality and the latest smart networking features.


Blu-ray Players with spectacular pictures and sound


4K Ultra-HD Up-Scaling

Panasonic has drawn upon its decades of video processing experience to build high quality 4K up-scaling systems into its latest Blu-ray Players. This means you can now enjoy exceptional Ultra-HD (4K) entertainment.


High-Resolution Audio

The high-quality audio formats FLAC, WMA and WAV can all be played by Panasonic Blu-Ray Players. The players also feature a Pure Sound Mode which can be used when listening to music to stop all mechanical activity in the HDD and tuner areas – as well as minimise cooling fan movement – to enhance sound quality.


Smart Features

Enjoy your favourite content from the wide range of sources including Netflix, Lightbox, Quickflix and Freeview Plus and browse the internet.


Quick Operation

Experience fast response operation, thanks to Panasonic’s high-speed processing engine Dual-Core Processer and HDMI-CEC. It ensures intense 4K entertainment and seamless smart functionality.