As well as being easy to set up, the Panasonic Music Streaming App integrates seamlessly with a wealth of partners.

Enjoy all the original features of music subscription services

You can access a wealth of subscription services from within the Panasonic Music Streaming App. Even better, the Panasonic Music Streaming App lets you use the native app menus of radio or music subscription services to ensure full functionality with each third-party platform.


Adding ALLPlay Speakers to your Home Network

Step 1:

Turn on your speaker, go to your smart device’s Settings and look for the name of the speaker in your Wi-Fi list.

Step 2:

Choose the ALLPlay speaker on the Wi-Fi list and give it a name. For example, Living Room, Kitchen, Study.

Step 3:

Choose the wireless network you want to add the speaker to and input that network’s password, if required.

Step 4:

Pair or group your speakers to create the perfect sound in your home.


Fine Tune Your Sound

You can now tweak the sound from all your ALL Series models to suit your tastes with a new Equaliser feature that lets you adjust the bass and treble levels independently for every speaker in your system.

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