The latest Panasonic Smart Wireless Audio Systems let you enjoy music from limitless choices anywhere in your home. 


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Sound Everywhere

You no longer have to be in the same room as your hi-fi or TV to listen to movie soundtracks and music.

The latest Panasonic ALL Series draw on Qualcomm ALLPlay technology to create a wireless network of high-performance speakers able to send pretty much any sound source to any room in your house without difficult and messy cable connections.


Party-Mode and Multi-Zone Support

You can either listen to the same music in every room where you’ve got an ALL Speaker (Party-Mode) or you can listen to different music on each individual ALL Speaker (Multi-Zone Mode).


Exceptional Versatility

The latest ALL Series Speakers can play your music in stunning quality from an incredible diversity of music sources, ranging from tablets, smartphones, PCs, networked hard drives, and online music streaming services to CDs, radio channels, TVs and Bluetooth®-enabled products. What’s more, you can even send the sound from all these potential sources to further ALL Speakers anywhere in your home.

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Powerful Performance, Seamless Sound, Unlimited Choices


1. Bluetooth® Re-Streaming

It’s never been easier to listen to the music you love, all through your home; effortlessly stream music from YouTube or your preferred subscription service from your smart device. Watch music videos on video-sharing platforms on your tablet with sound of much higher quality than your portable device can deliver by connecting the audio to your nearest ALL Speaker by Bluetooth®. Then, you can even forward your music to separate ALL Speakers in other rooms so your music follows you around the house!


2. Keep it Old School

If you still have a CD collection and want to enjoy your CDs via multiple speakers, it is easy with ALL Series. Even if you want to listen to CDs upstairs, but your CD system and beloved CD collection are stored in your living room downstairs listening is easy with the Panasonic ALL5CD or PMX100. Listen to your CDs and re-stream them ‘live’ and direct to all other ALL Speakers located in your house. There’s no need to rip them to a PC or network hard drive first.


3. Set your TV sound free

With the ALL70T Sound Bar you can stream the sound from your TV to an ALL Series Speaker anywhere in the house. Listen to music TV, the news, or any of your favourite shows without being restricted to the same room as the TV. Excellent for keeping up with what’s on telly while you’re cooking in the kitchen or doing chores. Another great TV sound feature lets you configure ALL2 Speakers to work as rear or stereo speakers to accompany an ALL70T Sound Bar.


4. Tune In

Listen to your favourite radio station anywhere in your home. Share your tunes without having to be in the same room, for example, you can listen to your favourite radio channel on an All Series model in your study and connect to the speaker in the living room so your partner can listen too. With no loss of quality you can send radio broadcasts directly to, say, an ALL2, ALL3 or ALL8 Speaker in your living room.


Set Up

All you need to set-up an ALL Connected Audio system is a Wi-Fi router and the Panasonic Music Streaming App. Just turn on a new ALL Connected speaker, find it on the Music Streaming App, give it a name (such as Kitchen or Bedroom), and that’s it -you’re ready to stream your music. The seamless integration with smart devices means you can stream via Wi-Fi to any ALL Connected devices in your home or even via Bluetooth directly. And our powerful Bluetooth re-streaming feature means you can share this music to other ALL Connected speakers throughout your home –truly setting your music free.