Cinema-like audio can be achieved at home by adding External Speakers to your TV, however not everyone has the space to install a complete Home Theatre System. This is why Panasonic Soundbars are perfect . They deliver a rich bass and dynamic sound yet are super compact and sleek.

Turn your living room into a cinema

3.1 ch Surround Sound

The multi-channel sound bar features three independent speakers and a powerful wireless subwoofer. Both units combined will fill your living room with stunningly clear, rich and rounded sound being far more dynamic and immersive than usual TV speakers can deliver.

Sensational Sound From a Small Body

Panasonic Soundbars deliver exceptional surround sound and their unique Delta Form Design means they easily fit underneath TVs or they can be mounted to a wall.

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The speakers are uniquely shaped to suppress distortions and enhance bass, as well as produce crisp and clear sounds at high frequencies. Our Soundbar models are also equipped with a wireless down-firing subwoofer. By positioning its driver towards the floor, the additional speaker produces a more rich and powerful bass sound. This modern and elegant looking audio setup will let you enjoy a cinema-like experience from the comfort of your sofa.

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Lots of bass with unwired flexibility

Wireless Subwoofer

The Sound Bar uses a wireless subwoofer that requires no bothersome connection cords. It gives you dynamic, robust bass from any place in the room.

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Create true, wireless 5.1ch surround sound

Wireless 5.1ch Surround Sound

By combining the ALL70T Sound Bar and the two sets of ALL2, wireless 5.1-channel surround sound is produced with true-to-life ambience.

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