Enjoy premium sound quality, powerful audio, easy connectivity and elegant designs with this range of Micro Systems.

Free your Music with Panasonic’s Micro Systems

Enjoy powerful audio, musical diversity, hi-fi technologies, easy wireless connectivity, and sleek and stylish designs with Panasonic's wide range of Micro Systems.



Revolutionary Technologies

Our Micro Systems are equipped with the latest technologies to deliver sensational sound. Panasonic Digital Amp Solution reduces distortions, increases clarity and eliminates noise, while the 3-way speaker combines a supersonic tweeter and an opal woofer which is made from bamboo to deliver an exceptional frequency range. The LincsD-Amp is a sound enhancing technology which delivers powerful, clean and dynamic sound. 


Exceptional Design

Our systems are equipped with premium components to ensure a crisp and clear sound, with a powerful presence. Their design is also slim and stylish, elegantly blending into any room interior. Wall mounting also enables a stylish layout even in rooms with space limitations.

micro audio_cme_skinny rectangle_wall mountable panel.jpg 

Great Diversity

Enjoy your music wirelessly! Music data from compatible devices is sent wirelessly to the main system. It also lets you choose your favourite music from a wide range or sources; it’s compatible with iPhone docking, CD, Bluetooth and NFC.

 micro audio_cme_skinny rectangle_all series panel.jpg