Experience sensational sound

There is something to suit everyone with Panasonic’s wide range of Audio products. Our range includes Mini Systems (our infamous MAX Stereo Systems), sophisticated Micro Systems and Portable devices, such as the ALL Series Wireless Speaker Systems.

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Wireless Audio

The latest Panasonic Smart Wireless Audio Systems let you enjoy music from limitless choices anywhere in your home. You no longer have to be in the same room as your hi-fi or TV to listen to music. The latest Panasonic ALL Series draw on Qualcomm ALLPlay technology to create a wireless network of high performance speakers which can send sound to any room in your house with a hassle-free setup.

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Sound Bars

Add huge sound to your TV with a Panasonic Sound Bar. Delivering rich bass and dynamic sound, Sound Bars are perfect for creating Cinema-like audio at home without taking up too much room. They also have an excellent combination of 4K Signal Pass-through, next generation LincsD-Amp, Bluetooth technology and NFC.

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Mini Systems

Enjoy quality sound, smart networking and impressive design with Panasonic’s Mini Stereo System range. Including Panasonic’s MAX systems, these awesome stereo systems are equipped with D.Bass Beat for epic sound, multi-colour illuminations to create a party-like atmosphere in your home, and the DJ Jukebox App so you can play all your favourite songs.

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Micro Systems

Experience powerful audio with Panasonic’s range of Micro System stereos. Made from high-quality materials for a sleek and stylish design, Panasonic’s Micro Systems are equipped with NFC and Bluetooth technology for easy music streaming and multi-source compatibility for the ultimate music enjoyment.

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Home Theatre

Create a cinema-like experience in your living room with Panasonic’s impressive line-up of Home Theatre Systems. Not only do they deliver exceptional sound and rich bass, but they are also equipped with 4K Signal Pass-through technology so you can enjoy high-resolution 4K images, and you can also easily pair them with Bluetooth via NFC.

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