If your Refrigerator is jam packed this summer and you’re in need of a larger one to fit the BBQ food, here’s your chance! You could WIN a new Panasonic Premium Refrigerator to fit your kitchen!* Terms and Conditions apply.

Panasonic's Premium Refrigerators offer smart technology, innovative features and attractive designs in a variety of sizes to suit any kitchen.

Our clever ECONAVI and Inverter models minimise your power consumption, by learning your usage patterns and adjusting the level of cooling based on when you use your Refrigerator most.

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It’s an eco-friendly choice

Most Refrigerators use electricity non-stop, however Panasonic’s Econavi technologies learn your usage patterns and adjust cooling accordingly, so the fridge is kept at the optimal temperature without over-cooling or using unnecessary power. This results in energy savings, which are beneficial for the environment and your power bill.

Its an economical choice

As energy output adjusts to your usage, you will save energy and money on your power bill.

User friendly

Panasonic’s Premium Refrigerators are easy to use so you can enjoy all the benefits hassle-free.



We are giving away a Panasonic Premium Refrigerator to one lucky winner!  Simply fill in the form below for your chance to WIN! Competition closes at midnight on 26 February 2017. Terms and conditions apply.