Mens shavers with cutting edge technology

We have a great selection of shavers equipped with cutting edge technology to ensure each shave is smooth and clean.


Nano Blades 

With nano level precision we ensure that the inner blades perform at their best to give you a close shave.


Multi-pivot Head 

The mobile head reaches uneven areas of the skin, minimising the burden on the skin and resulting in a thorough cut to all kinds of beards. 


Linear Power Motor 

The linear power motor ensures there is no loss of power, helping to deliver a smooth, clean shave.


Automatic Beard Sensor

The sensor determines differences in beard density. Power is controlled to provide powerful cutting where a beard is heavy, and soft cutting where it is thin.


Cleaning Base

The automatic system cleans, dries, charges and renews the unit, keeping the blades sharp and ready for the next shave.